Metaverse based on the Ethereum Blockchain

What is isotile?

isotile is a decentralized online metaverse based on the Ethereum Blockchain, where you can create your gallery room to place your NFTs and meet new crypto-friends!

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First official metaverse avatar collection

isotile Genesis Avatars

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Pudgy Penguins Metaverse Ready

Use your real Pudgy Penguin as pet in your room or as your avatar look on other rooms!

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CryptoPunks Metaverse Ready

Walk in the metaverse using your CryptoPunk. Redeem yours now!

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Mooncats Metaverse Ready

We are the first metaverse that has interactive NFTs. Mooncats can now walk in your online room!

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Genesis Furniture

Ethereum Trophy
It is one of the first trophies created in isotile with only 333 units in existence. It represents the end of traditional finance and the power of decentralization to make the world a fairer place.
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Bitcoin Trophy
It is one of the first trophies created in isotile with only 333 units in existence. It represents the first step to end fiat money.
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Bull Trophy
It is one of the first trophies created in isotile with only 333 units in existence. It represents the uptrend of cryptocurrencies over fiat money.
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Uniswap Background
It is the first background in isotile with only 500 units in existence. It represents the end of usurious middlemen, giving power back to the users.
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Release notes

  • You can place in your room NFTs of CryptoPunks, ArtBlocks, Bored Ape Yatch Club, Hashmasks, MoonCats, Waifusion and much more.
  • The inventory is updated in real time using websocket technology that communicates with Ethereum nodes.
  • You can mint the initial mega-rares from the built-in store.
  • You can decorate the room by moving the NFTs and rotating them.
  • We have launched a special background for your room set in the magical world of Uniswap with limited supply of 500.
  • You can place furnitures in your room such as BTC, ETH and Bull market trophies, with a limited supply of 333 each.
  • Buyers of the initial furnitures of this version are kept in the contract itself so that they can receive rewards for being the first supporters of the project.
  • Mooncats can also be added as in-game pets that will move around the room in real time.
  • Users will be able to move around the room in real time with a standard avatar. Cryptopunks will also serve as your avatar's look if you own one.
  • Each room will have a real-time chat, initially users can be identified by their address or by their purchased Ethereum Name Server.

Next version plans

  • The client and server code will be open source.
  • All artist collections will be able to be placed on isotile metaverse.
  • LAND Builder: Utilize the innovative Creative Mode to design and customize your virtual LAND with ease.
  • LAND Open City: Seamlessly explore your surroundings by walking through each connected LAND, connecting with neighbors and fostering a sense of community.
  • LAND Programmability: Enhance your LAND's capabilities by integrating custom code, unleashing a world of creative gaming possibilities within the isotile engine.



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