CryptoPunks Designs

We have designed all different 10,000 CryptoPunks focusing on every detail.


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What are CryptoPunks?

CryptoPunks are 10,000 unique collectible characters launched in mid-2017 that became one of the inspirations for the NFT standard.

Are the files ready to use in other metaverses?

Yes, isotile is isometric but we made this project with the idea that you can use your files in other metaverses as well. So we made all the CryptoPunks in 3D .vox file ready to be imported into other metaverses.

What are the advantages of having isotile VIP membership?

Being a VIP member has many advantages: private channel on Discord, being able to use interactive NFTs in your room and other collections as your avatar look.

What files will contain?

Vox source file (.vox) that contains your CryptoPunk.

Are you affiliated with Larvalabs?

We are not, but we have worked for months to have the most precise voxel designs of the CryptoPunks.

What will be the license of the 3D files?

All the images and renders are licensed, you can't do anything with them. We believe in freedom, once all mega-rares are bought, you can do whatever you want with your files with no restrictions.

When I will be able to download my CryptoPunk source file?

Once minting process ends, a new button will appear with 'Redeem source file' option, you will be able to redeem one per mint. If you want to download three source files design then you will need 3 mints.

What is the isotile official avatar collection?

A new avatar collection with a max supply of 9,000 that will be launched very soon. You will have 3 random avatars per mint. Don't miss your opportunity, learn more at



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